Rokkor lenses

The Rokkor line up has been the first interchangeable SLR lenses, together with the more expensive Auto Rokkor lenses. The targeted the budget user featuring preset aperture and lower speed in most cases. Nevertheless mechanical quality is high, focus tubes are alternatingly made of aluminium and brass.

Depending on the version, the lenses feature a non-linear two ring aperture with decreasing step with of the aperture clicks, with a preset and a close down ring like the Rokkor-TC 1:4 135mm or the Tele Rokkor-QE 1:5 200mm. The more advanced ones provide linear aperture like the high quality Macro Rokkor-QF 1:3.5 50mm. One ring only feauture the UW Rokkor-PG 1:9.5 18mm or the W.Rokkor-PI 1:4.5 21mm, that doesn't need any preset, as it can be used with external viewfinder and in mirror-up mode only.

Many Rokkor lenses show quite sophisticated coating yet. Problems with brownish glas are less relevant than with old Nikkor or Takumar lenses.

Only one Rokkor lens is equipped with leather - the Zoom Rokkor 1:5.6 100-200mm. All other lenses feature full metal tubes.

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