MC W.Rokkor - HH 1:1.8 f=35mm

We know one version of the 35mm 1.8 MC-Rokkor:

The first version is based on the typical MC Rokkor style with the aperture ring in rear position. The aperture number can be seen in a viewfinder with aperture-read-in function. This lens become famous as a very sharp and powerful lens. In close-distance use less than 1 metre, it is recommended to close aperture at least to 1:5.6. It is better coated than it's successor, the MC-X Rokkor-HH 1:1.8 35mm.

This model can be found moderately often on the second hand market.

MC W.Rokkor - HH 1:1.8 f=35mm Version 1
Focal length: 35mm fixed
Aperture range: 1 : 1.8 - 16
Aperture type: Automatic iris, 6 blades matte.
Optical design: 8 elements / 6 groups
Detailed optical design, front to mount: 4 elements / 3 groups
- aperture -
4 elements / separate.
Close-up distance: 0.3m
Filter size: 55mm fix
Shade type: Screw-in type
Length from mount plane, focus at infinity / close-up: 68mm / 74mm
Diameter: 66mm
Weight: 404g
Lens coating: Single coating, yellow-purple-blue complementary. Very sophisticated.
DOF type: Wheel-shaped lever.
Supported aperture functions: Stopdown metering: Yes.
Automatic diaphragm: Yes.
Meter-coupled TTL: Yes.
Aperture read-in: Yes.
Supported camera modes: M, manual: Yes.
A mode: Yes.
S mode: No.
Program mode: No.
Front view:

Polished silver front.
Rear view:

Silver ring on black mount.
Detail 1:

The DOF lever is wheel-shaped.