Auto Rokkor

The Auto Rokkor line-up has been launched together with the Rokkor line-up. Both have been the first generation of Minolta's SR-mount lenses. Compared to the budget Rokkor lenses, he more luxurious Auto Rokkor lenses featured automatic diaphragm and faster maximum aperture with many models. They were designed for sophisticated and professional photographers.

The Auto Rokkor lenses show an enormous diversity in aperture control mechansism. Here lies a critical trap, because on special version of aperture control is mechanically compatible with a restricted number of SR cameras only. Please see our background article: The ring aperture trap.

Other aspects, that apply to specific versions are the lockable aperture ring and an additonal scale of the EV values. Very useful for the Minolta Meter, the SR-7 or external light meter. These variations of one lens to several versions are a fascinating opportunity to the seeking collector.

The mechanical design of the Auto Rokkor lenses will be found with some first versions of the later MC-Rokkor lenses. These intermediate versions lack of aperture read-in option but provide a first makeshift technique of meter coupling to the camera - the essential improve of the MC series.

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