The idea of a system database.

As one of the biggest companies and pioneers in photography, Minolta proved highest technical competence and innovative design over many decades. Minolta products provide several aspects, that are interesting to the collector, like many different versions of a lens type or a variety of details improvement of camera models, all perfectly suited to turn the Minolta fan into a real addict.

This website intends to show some of those details to all, who are interested in this fine system. We intend to share our experience with others and to participate of their knowledge too.

All images and technical aspects published on this site have been evaluated by ourselves on exponates we kept in our hands. Regarding those models, not described on this site yet, it would be a pleasure if someone would support us with lenses or cameras, we dot not have yet. These are marked as missing versions.

This table shows the different parts of of our site. Now have fun!

Lenses One of the largest product ranges of optical stuff ever sold by a manufacturer. Technical information, pictures and details of manual Minolta lenses.
Cameras Manual SLR cameras over five decades. Technical information, pictures and details of manual Minolta cameras.
Close-up Equipment and close-up tools by Minolta.
New acquisitions Here you find our latest work on this site.
Contact & author Information about the author and imprint of this site.
Disclaimer & guest book Please read our disclaimer and our restrictions regarding a guest book.

This site has been created and published by:

Anders Uschold
Publicly certified expert witness at court
for analogue and digital photography,
video and scanning technologies and
digital image evaluation, Frauenberg, Germany.