The district court of the city of Hamburg, Germany, has decided the 12. Mai 1998, the owner of a site may be responsible or liable for the content of external sites he links to. To avoid this responsibly, the court requires the owner of the site to declare explicitely, that any content of linked external sites or sub sites do not represent the owners opinion or intention in any form. For that reason, I declare explicitely, that I have no influence to content or design of any external site, that is linked to this web site. I declare, that any content of any external site linked to this site does not represent my personal opinion. This declaration covers all links, applied to my web site.

Anders Uschold

Exclusion of a guest book.

This web site is hosted by a publicly certified expert witness at court. Specific rules restrict an expert like this from some kind of advertising. Here, this restriction affects the implementation of a guest book:

A guest book, available for any visitor, is suited to publish positive or negative customer feedback or opinion. Such personal comments by non-experts may break the rule for matter-of-factness, the expert must keep. Decision by the district court of the city of Nuernberg-Fuerth, Germany, DB 1998, 1404. As this aspect is applicable to this web site, we do not provide a guest book.